Consulting Subscription Plan Billing Terms

*Each plan represents increasing engagement and strategic support and has an initial non-refundable $99 admin setup fee, which may also incur upon cancellation. Monthly payments may be made, but all plans are based on an annual commitment and not prorated on cancellation. Annual consulting hours do not apply to special projects with separate Statement of Works (SOW), which may require additional retainers and separate billing due to the month incurred based on agreed work or the number of additional hours. Plans may be increased at any time but may only be downgraded upon annual renewal. On plan cancelation, any annual balance remaining must be immediately paid. Any remaining service hours are reduced by 25% and SOW discounts cease immediately. Unused service hours remaining at the end of the term will be reset to zero.  Discounts may not be combined with any other offers and there is no transferable cash value of any subscription service. More resources and discounts are available to subscribers in ZenDev’s portals and other sites. Be sure to check these for updates as they change from time to time. ZDS Learning Management Platform available in 3rd Qtr. 2023 and limited to 1 seat.