The ZENDEV Strategy Logo is a lotus flower, which is a symbol of enlightenment, self-regeneration, rebirth, and prosperity. Its characteristics are a perfect analogy for the human condition: even when its roots are in the dirtiest waters, the Lotus produces the most beautiful flower. We feel that individuals and businesses share this characteristic and can blossom despite their backgrounds or situations.

We at ZENDEV are often asked, why ZEN and Enlightenment?


The name and company's mission and vision were influenced by inspirations from the teachings of many books. 

Too many to list here, but some of the top books are:


Gibran – The Prophet

Kerouac – The Dharma Bums

Gitomer – Get Sh*t Done

Meurisse – Strategic Mindset

Pirsig – Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance: An Inquiry into Values

Suzuki – Zen Mind, Beginner's Mind

Barry – Zen Mind for Beginners

Trainor – Buddhism

Lowenstein – The Vision of the Buddha

Westbrook and Rattti – Aikido and the Dynamic Sphere

Watts – Trappist Monk


At ZENDEV, the concept of Zen is not limited to a mere habit, a tranquil mindset, a minimalist style, a goal, or just living simply and relishing the present moment. For our team, Zen symbolizes a state of serene focus, orderliness, and intentionality. It celebrates the virtues of simplicity and directness, underpinned by the practice of staying present. While Zen finds its roots in meditation and profound introspection, with a focus on self-discipline and enlightenment, we intend to imbue our brand name with this clarity of communication and forthrightness that we uphold as individuals and as an enterprise.


Our interpretation of enlightenment, and how we incorporate it into our practices, is driven by a quest for deeper understanding, a broad-minded perspective, and a commitment to perpetual learning. Our ethos lies in continuous improvement, striving for efficiency and heightened productivity. This forms the guiding principle of all our undertakings at ZENDEV and informs the value proposition we extend to our clientele.


The genesis of ZENDEV is deeply rooted in the Founders' collective broad extensive experience spanning a vast array of fields including, but not limited to, various forms of entrepreneurship, strategic planning, financial management, insurance, risk management, military service, higher education teaching and leadership, healthcare, IT, cybersecurity, web development, creative design, F&B management, real estate, photography, and videography production, and both corporate and non-profit boards.


It was through this diverse experiential lens that the Founders identified a ubiquitous challenge: a general lack of understanding of how individuals or businesses could enhance their efficiency, or strategically address issues and manage risks. People are perpetually in search of ways to maximize output with minimal resources. This is evident from the consistent success of self-help literature. A cursory search on Google Scholar returns over 1.2 million related titles published over the past 20 years, underscoring this trend.